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Free Spirit

A/FX - Factory Experimental - Art Prints
From Automotive Artist K. Scott Teeters
11" x 17" Parchment Paper Prints.

Just $24.95 each + $6.95 S&H.

Click the images to see a BIG version of the print.

Factory-Built 1964 Altered Wheelbase
1964 A/FX Dodge - AFX-1
Here's the story...

Gas Ronda 1966 Russ Davis
Ford-Sponsored Mustang - AFX-3
Here's the story...

11x17 Parchment Paper Print
$24.95 + $6.95 S&H

11x17 Parchment Paper Print
$24.95 + $6.95 S&H

Ronnie Sox 1964 Mercury Comet
AFX-5 Here's the story...

Stone Woods & Cook 1966 Mustang
AFX-7 Here's the story...

11x17 Parchment Paper Print
$24.95 + $6.95 S&H

11x17 Parchment Paper Print
$24.95 + $6.95 S&H

Front 3/4 View - AFX-8
Here's the story...

Side-view - AFX-9
Here's the story...

11x17 Parchment Paper Print
$24.95 + $6.95 S&H

11x17 Parchment Paper Print
$24.95 + $6.95 S&H

Dave Strickler's
Old Reliable
'63 Chevy Impala
Here's the story...

Altered Wheelbase A/FX Dodge
DRH-5 - Here's the story...

11x17 Parchment Paper Print
$24.95 + $6.95 S&H

11x17 Parchment Paper Print
$24.95 + $6.95 S&H

Check out our 1:6th scale Chrysler HEMI & Ford SOHC die-cast engines HERE.

A/FX beauties had their rear wheels moved 15-inches forward and their front wheels moved 10-inches forward. The hood, fenders, bumper, deck lid and dash were made of fiberglass. This wasn't a styling thing. Racing slicks weren't all that sticky yet and by moving the wheels forward and the engine and trans back, more weight would shift to the rear wheels giving the car better traction. Racer raw material. Officially made by Chrysler - no warranty what-so-ever! - KST

Gas Ronda's Russ Davis Ford-Sponsored 1966 A/FX Mustang - This must have been one hell-of-a-ride! Southern California racer “Gas Ronda” was a terror on the 1320 with this wild Ford Mustang. The fiberglass body car used a 427 SOHC (single over-head cam) NASCAR Ford engine with fuel injection and a 4-speed gear box. This was about 8 years before Lenco planetary transmissions. The 427 SOHC was Ford’s answer to the Chrysler Hemi and was a very impressive engine. It was also physically a HUGE engine. Ronda’s Russ Davis Ford sponsored car ran mid-8s! Think about it race fans - no nitrous oxide, marginal slicks, and no Lenco transmission... now that’s SPEED SHIFTING! - KST

Ronnie Sox's 1964 A/FX Mercury Comet - Ronnie Sox was kind enough to sign two of our Sox & Martin prints, the front view of the '72 Plymouth Duster and his A/FX Mercury Comet, at the 2003 Muscle Car Madness Show in York, Pa. On the track, Ronnie was one fierce competitor. Off the track he was a true southern gentleman. He is greatly missed by MANY fans.


Stone Woods & Cook 1966 A/FX Mustang - Before Funny Cars went with tube chassis and one-piece bodies, they were more like Gassers than what we today think of as a “funny car.” Officially classed as “A/FX” the cars were part Super Stock, part Gasser, their popularity was becoming enormous. Since the team had been racing Gassers for so many years, moving into an A/FX car wasn’t too much of a stretch for the Stone Woods and Cook team.

Illustrated here at the 1967 9th Annual United States Fuel & Gas Championship at Bakersfield, Doug Cook drove the Chrysler-powered Stone Woods & Cook Mustang to a best run of 8.41 et. @168.65 mph to take the 2,400 lb Funny Car class win. - KST

RAMCHARGERS 1964 A/FX Dodge - The RAMCHARGERS were a group of young Chrysler engineers that headed up the Mopar drag racing effort. All of the guys were in their '20s and it was their job to build and race experimental Dodges. The team was at the forefront of Super Stock, A/FX, and Funny Car racing. They even ran a Top Fuel dragster. No one was sure of what that kind of "research" did for production Chrysler cars, but it sure looked good. Think about it. WHAT'A JOB! - KST

RAMCHARGERS 1964 A/FX Dodge - Back in the olden days, racing slicks weren’t much more than street tires without any tread. Racers had no trouble making more horsepower than the tires could handle. Some racers even tried putting extra weight in the back of the cars to improve traction. But some clever person at Chrysler discovered that if you move the placement of the wheels forward, then when the car accelerated off the starting line, more weight would naturally transfer back onto the rear wheels. For years we heard about “weight transfer” as one of the “secrets” of a successful racer.

Mopar engineers actually took a blank body (called a “body in white) and moved the front and rear wheels forward several inches. At first glance, the cars sort of looked stock, but something was “funny” about them. Thus the term, “funny cars” was coined. And the trick worked! Within months of the first altered wheelbase Ramchargers car, nearly every A/FX racer had made serious body and chassis changes to their cars. Overnight, altered wheelbase cars had the edge over the previous year’s cars.

The trend only lasted a few years, making the altered wheelbase A/FX cars of that time truly unique. “Dyno Don” Nicholson changed everything in ‘67 with the first tube frame chassis “ELIMINATOR.” Tire compounds also improved and it was no longer necessary to move wheels forward on race cars.

Dave Strickler's Ol Reliable 1963 A/FX Chevy Impala - Dave Strickler and Bill Jenkins were good friends and racing partners. Be sure to check out the late Steve Collison's charming story about the night he showed Grumpy and Strick "how to speed shift," HERE. It's the second to the last story at the bottom of the page.

Also, we have a small supply of prints that Dave Strickler's son, Michael Strickler, was nice enough to sign for her. Check'm out HERE. - KST

RAMCHARGERS 1964 A/FX Dodge - Imagine being a 20-something year old engineer working for Chrysler and it’s your job to develop an altered-wheelbase Dodge for the company’s drag racing program! That’s what happened to Jim Thorton, Tom Hoover, Dick Maxwell, Mike Buckel, Dan Mancini, and Roger Lindamood. It’s not known if they got overtime pay for their evening and weekend work, but if they didn’t, they probably didn’t care.

It was the Chrysler team that started the whole alter-wheelbase trend. Racing slicks weren’t very wide, between 7” and 8” and weren’t all that sticky. The trick here was to move the front and rear wheels farther ahead and affect the weight distribution and weight transfer upon acceleration. It sounded heady, but it worked. When the altered-wheelbase Chryslers first arrived, the cars looked, “funny” and were quickly dubbed, “funny cars” even though they were officially classed “A/FX”

It wasn’t long before the Hemi engines sprouted injector stacks and later superchargers, and later burning nitromethane. Imagine 1,300 hp and no wheelie bars!

The players changed but the Ramchargers team lived on to race a variety of Top Fuelers, Funny Cars, and Super Stockers well into the ‘70s.

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