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ORDERING: 4 Easy Ways To Order

1. Good Old Fashion Snail-Mail (slow, but sure) Click HERE for an Order Form.

Send a check, money order (payable to Precision Illustration) or credit card information (name on the card, card number, expiration date) to this address:

Precision Illustration / 18 Stanwood Ct. / Medford / NJ / 08055

2. Order By Phone - Call: TOLL-FREE at: 1-800-858-6670 and use a credit card.

3. Order By Fax. - Click HERE to go to the Order Form. Fill out the form with your name, address, and credit card information, pop it into a fax machine, and dial: 609-714-2835.

4. Order By E-Mail - Some customers have asked if they could order by e-mail. Here's how to do that.
You will have to send TWO SEPARATE e-mails.
The first should have your mailing and billing address, and your card information.
The second e-mail should have the SECOND HALF of your card numbers.
If this seems like a hassel, just call the TOLL-FREE line at 1-800-858-6670.


Priority U.S. Postal Service: $3.85

FedEx (exact amounts vary based on location)

Priority Overnight (AM delivery) $28.95
Standard Overnight (afternoon delivery) $26.95
2nd Day Delivery: $11.50

(Note: If you need faster delivery, call 1-800-858-6670
to place your order by phone, as exact delivery rates vary.)

* Parchment Paper Prints and Diazo Blueprints are shipped in a heavy-duty mailing tube.
* Framed prints are sent in a plane cardboard box for safety reasons.
* Watercolor Paper prints are sent in a flat envelope with cardboard.


Parchment Paper Prints:

* All of the pen & ink illustrations on this site are available as parchment paper prints.

* Each print measures approximately 11" x 17," is made on tan parchment paper, and is signed by the artist.

* Price per print: $15.95 + $2.50 for postage & handling.

* Postage & handling for multiple prints: just $2.50.

Color Poster Prints:

These prints measure 11" x 17"

* Price per print: $19.95 + $6.00 for postage & handling.
(These prints are out-sourced by CafePress and are sent individually, so there is no break on postage for multiple orders.)

Diazo Technical Illustration Blueprints:

* Each diazo blueprint (real blueprint paper) measures approximately 24" x 36" and is signed by the artist.

* Price: 24.95 + $3.95 for packing & postage.


Detroit Iron Automotive Art Collection CD:

* Click HERE to order directly from our manufacturer.

Corvette Clip Art CD:

*249 .gif images of K. Scott Teeters pen & ink illustrations of Corvettes.

* Price: $49.99 + $5.00 for postang & packaging.

Framed Prints:

* Every print offered on this site is available framed.

* We use reasonably priced poster frames with gold-chrome trim, clear plexiglass, and a black matt.

* The frame measures 16" x 12" and each print is signed by the artist.

* Framed & ready for the wall price: $44.95 + $10 for packing & postage.

* Postage & handling for two framed prints - $12.00. Add $2.00 for each additional framed print.

* Each frame is wrapped in wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a plain cardboard box .

* Allow 2 weeks for delivery of framed prints.

* Framed prints can be ordered as an option in the shopping cart system.

HEMI American Flag Quilts:

* Each flag quilt is custom hand-made.
* Has batting in between the front and back fabric.
* Has hanging loops along the top edge.
* Measures 34” x 24”.

* Only $75, plus $6 for S&H for 1 flag quilt, and $8 for S&H for 2 flag quilts.

Jackson Brothers Video Tape Pricing:

* 15 to 23 minute tapes: $12 each + $4 for USPS - Priority Mail shipping

* 55 to 60 minute tapes: $17 each + $4 for USPS - Priority Mail shipping.

* 90 to 120 minute tapes: $26 + $4 for USPS - Priority Mail shipping

* Add $1.00 for each additional tape.

Drag News CDs:

* Each Drag News CD is $49.99 + $3.99 for shipping. The $49.95 price is for the single and double CD sets.

Drag News Nostalgia Shirts:

* Prices range between $16.00 and $19.00, depending on the size. Postang is $3.99

Detroit Iron Post Card Series:

* 8 Post Cards - only $5.00 + $1.00 for packing & postage.

Digital Images:

* All of the images on the site are available as 300 dpi files for only $20.00 per image. Please specify digital format: GIF, JPEG, PDF, etc.

* Digital Images (sent via e-mail) - $24.95 and payable with CHECK, MONEY ORDER, or CREDIT CARD

Dealer Wholesale Rates

* Parchment Paper Prints: RETAIL - $15.95 / WHOLESALE - $9.00