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The "Illustrated Corvette Series started in the Spring of '97 when I sent off an outline to then editor, Richard Lentinello. My idea was to tell the history of the Corvette, year-by-year, in a monthly column in "Vette Magazine." I'd been a regular contributor to "Vette Magazine" since 1977 and had done over 100 pen & ink illustrations and over a dozen full-color centerspreads. Richard liked the idea, but didn't have room for another column. About 3 weeks later, Richard called me. "Hey, still interested in doing a monthly? One of my columnist had to quit, so I have an open slot it you're still interested."

Needless to say, I said, "YES!" Initially, I thought that all I'd have to do is just go year-to-year in covering the Corvette story. However, by the time I got to 1956, I realized that since the Corvette has always been so heavily involved in racing and advanced engineering, in order to completely tell the story, I would have to include not only the production cars, but also the experimental, prototype, show , and concept cars. I quickly realized that this series was going to become very long.

As of this writing, (June 2002), I'm working on installment number 64, the 1981 production Corvette. Actually, according to my spread sheet, I'm just about half way through the Corvette story. I'm anticipating that the completed series will have approximately 125 installments. The site will not only have the very latest, up to date print from the series available, but will also have dozens of other Corvette illustrations, as well as lots of Corvette items. We will also have feature articles on Corvettes, Corvette current events, event coverage, and plenty more.

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