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Start earning great commissions today by promoting Detroit Iron Automotive Art Prints on your website. Your site will benefit from having a large selection of distinctive art prints from automotive artist K. Scott Teeters. Scott has had his artwork published for nearly 30 years in magazines such as:

“Vette Magazine” / “Kit Car” Magazine
“Popular Hot Rodding” / “Superstock & Drag Illustrated”
“Guide To Muscle Cars” / “Fabulous Mustangs & Exotic Fords”
“IHRA Drag Review” / “Car & Driver”
“Road & Track”
& MANY others

Scott has hundreds of pen & ink line illustrations and reproductions of five “series” collections that might be just right for your site. Our "series" prints include:

“The Illustrated Corvette Series” from “Vette Magazine.”
“Kit Car Profile” from “Kit Car” Magazine.
“Retrospect: Drag Racing History” from “Superstock & Drag Illustrated” magazine.
“The Blueprint Series” from “Guide To Muscle Cars” magazine.
“Profile” from “Fabulous Mustangs & Exotic Fords.”


* We offer our affiliates/drop ship clients highly competitive commissions on our automotive art prints.
* You set the retail price. We sell our prints for $19.95, but others that carry our prints sell them for $24.95. Shipping is only $3.95 for 1 to 3 prints.
* All of our prints are shipped in heavy duty round cardboard tubes.
* There is no inventory to stock.
* We do all the packing and shipping.
* All you have to do is send us a fax or e-mail or call toll free with your order information.
* You may pay be through PayPal or we take your Mastercard or Visa.


When you receive a paid order- over the phone with a credit card payment, {ayPal, or through a mail order with a check, money order, or credit card – you can :

1. Send an e-mail letting me know what print has been ordered and where to send the print to, then

2. Send us a PayPal payment for $10.00, plus $3.95 for S&H..

3. Then, we process the order and send it to the customer.

After you set up your pages with our product, there’s nothing else for you to do when you make a sale but send an e-mail. No inventory, no packing, etc.


If you’d like to be on board, call the phone number at the bottom of this page, or send us an e-mail, and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. I'll be glad to help you set up your site pages listing the prints you prefer by providing you with the thumbnail pictures you need. I can even give you guidance as to how to set up a FREE shopping cart with PayPal .

If you have a product or a service that you would like to show on our site, we’d be happy to discuss how we can do that. Although making
$$$ on the internet isn’t fall off a log simple, it isn’t rocket science either. Cooperation can make a huge difference

Having your products shown on other sites is an excellent way of increasing your exposure. And for a web-based business, EXPOSURE is everything. We make our own product line so that we can afford to offer an excellent commission deal.

If you would like to go with this program, send us an email or call us at: 609-714-0261. All we will need your tax I.D. number and you're ready to roll!


If you aren’t familiar with affiliate programs, essentially here’s the deal.

If someone is offering a product or services, you can display their banner or make a page on your website with their products. Experience has shown that you are likely to get more sales with descriptive pages of the product rather than just a banner link. When a sale comes from your link or pages, you get a commission. Rates for commissions vary, but some are as high as 50%. All you have to do is make the pages and never bother with it again.

You can find thousands of affiliate programs from these sites: <-- Commission Junction has thousands of programs to choose from. That’s where I found the OneShare, Magazinemania, and Care Packages offerings. <--ReferIt is a directory of affiliate programs <-- Has over 3,200 programs to choose from.


If you sign up with 5 Star Shine Car Wax, owner Glenn Canady will send you his “Be The Gorilla” e-book for FREE. I learned A LOT from reading this. It covers the basics of affiliate programs and techniques for increasing your website ranking with search engines and how to drive more traffic to your site with link exchanges. Here’s the address where you can get the details...

... just click either of the 2 banners and you’ll go to Glenn’s site. Look for the “Affiliate Program” link at the top of the page. Signing on with Glenn’s “5 Star Car Wax” program is
FREE and so is the “Be The Gorilla” e-book.

It’s something to consider as a way of adding income to your site.


We have 3 automotive art websites for three distinctive audiences. Those distinctive groups are:

1. Nostalgia Drag Racing & Muscle Cars

2. Corvettes

3. Kit Cars based on classic cars and vintage sports cars.

To review the contents, here are the address’ ... <--- Nostalgia Drag Racing & Muscle Cars <--- The Illustrated Corvette Series & other Corvette illustrations. <--- Kit Car Profile Series - Illustrated background stories of the cars that many of the most popular kit cars are based on.

If you have any other questions or would like references from businesses and websites that have drop ship arrangements with us, you can call us at:
609-714-0261, or send an e-mail to:

We're looking forward to having you aboard soon.


Do you or your organization sponsor a nostalgia or sports car show? Or do you purchase the merchandise for a dragway or hot rod car museum?

Auto Art by K Scott Teeters is available for wholesale purchase for your event or business. Each print is carefully shrinkwrapped on a sturdy cardbaord backing for ease of display.

We will provide a distinctive sales sign with your purchase of 50 or more prints.

Click HERE for more information.

If you would like to go with this program, send us an email or call us at: 609-714-0261. All we will need your tax I.D. number and you're ready to roll!

You can contact us at or call 1-800 -858-6670 us for details.

Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to bookmark us.

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